Causative Verb

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Causative verb adalah kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan bahwa subject tidak bertanggungjawab langsung terhadap aksi yang terjadi melainkan seseorang atau sesuatu yang lain yang melakukan aksi tersebut.
Causative dapat dibagi menjadi 6 yaitu :
a. Causative Have
b. Causative Make
c. Causative Let
d. Causative Help
e. Causative Want
f. Causative Get
B. Jenis-jenis Causative Verb
a. Causative Have
Causative have dapat digunakan dalam bentuk aktif maupun pasif. Dengan maksud meminta, menyuruh, menghendaki
Bentuk Aktif

Example :
Artyas Had Tirta wash the car.
Togi had a tooth filled

Bentuk Pasif

Example :
I have your computer fixed
I had my jacket cleaned yesterday

b. Causative Make
Causative make hanya dapat digunakan dalam bentuk aktif. Causative make berarti memaksa.

Bentuk Aktif

Example :
The president is making his cabinet members sign
His document.
The manager made the salesman attend the confrence.

Bentuk Aktif

Example :
I make this radio work
I made the machine work

c. Causative Let
Causative let berarti memberi izin untuk orang lain melakukan sesuatu.

Example :
The teacher let the students leave class early
I can let this car cool

Example :
John allow his daughter to swim with her friends

d. Causative Help
Causative help berarti membantu atau menolong orang lain untuk melakukan sesuatu hal.

Example :
I helped him to pack the luggage
Would you help me deliver this box?
e. Causative Want
Causative Want mempunyai arti bahwa seseorang meminta atau meninginkan dengan arti pasif.

Example :
Rama wants this motorcycle painted
Farani wanted the car washed

f. Causative Get
Bentuk Aktif
Subyek menyuruh obyek melakukan tindakan.

Example :
Runi got Rara to wash the car.
I got my friend to help this homework.
Bentuk Pasif
Subyek menginginkan obyek melakukan tindakan.

Fungsi & Rumus Causative Verbs

1. Kalimat causative verb terbagi menjadi 2 macam, yaitu active (aktif) dan passive (pasif). Pada kalimat active causative verb, agent yang mengerjakan aksi diketahui. Sebaliknya, pada kalimat passive causative verb, agent biasanya tidak disebutkan.
2. Let, make, have, & get merupakan causative verb yang umum digunakan, ada yang menggunakan action verb berupa bare infinitive (infinitive without to) dan ada pula yang to infinitive.

Adapun fungsi dan rumus secara umum sebagai berikut.
– Let
FUNGSI : membiarkan seseorang melakukan sesuatu
Rumus Active & Passive Causative : Active: S+let+agent+action verb(bare infinitive)+…

– Make
FUNGSI : memaksa atau sangat menyakinkan seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu
Rumus Active & Passive Causative : Active: S+(make-made)+agent+action verb(bare infinitive)+…

FUNGSI :menginginkan seseorang mengerjakan sesuatu untuk subjek
Rumus Active & Passive Causative :Active: S+(have-had)+agent+action verb(bare infinitive)+object
Passive: S+(have-had)+object+action verb(V-3)

– Get
FUNGSI : mirip dengan have namun dengan struktur kalimat yang berbeda
Rumus Active & Passive Causative : Active: S+(get-got)+agent+action verb(to infinitive)+…
Passive: S+(got)+object+action verb(V-3)

Contoh Causative Verbs: Active dan Passive

Beberapa contoh causative verb pada struktur active maupun passive adalah sebagai berikut.

– Active Causative Verbs
CONTOH :Lala had her friend take her result test.
The student had the teacher speak slowly.

CONTOH: She got her parents to buy her a tennis racket.
The boy got his cat to chase a mouse.
CONTOH :The woman made her daughter eat up the tomatoes.
The manager makes her staff work hard.
CONTOH :My father lets me choose my own future carrier.
The shepherd lets his sheep graze in the meadow.

Example :
Arni got her paper typed by a friend.
I get my house repaired before this winter.
C. Pembagian Causative Verb
a. Causative Active

b. Causative Passive

1. General grand had general Lee_____ ( met )him at approximate to sign the official Surrender of the confederate forces.
2. Teacher usually just ____ ( lets ) the students do their best during their school time.
3. You _____( can got ) all your negatives developed in the Fuji Image Plasa.
4. They ____ ( have make ) the books____ ( devide ) into several babs.
5. The government ____ ( has to helped )the people survive during the crisis time.
6. Calvin ____ ( make ) his son___ ( being ) quite in the theater.
7. When I was learning to drive, my Dad ___ ( let me used ) his car.
8. The teacher___ ( help ) Nur Meiluroh ____ ( finding )the research materials.
9. Ronny ___ ( had ) the contributors ___ ( attending ) a composition workshop.
10. Dinda ___ ( gotten ) her Husband ___ ( arrest)

1. I …… my computer fixed.
*The answer : got

2. Stenny …… me drive his new car.
*The answer : let

3. Will your parents …… you go to the beach?
*The answer : let

4. My teacher …… me apologize for what I had said.
*The answer: made

5. She …… her children do their homework.
*The answer : made

6. I …… the mechanic to check my brakes.
*The answer : got

7. Silvi really wanted a dog, but his parents wouldn’t …… have a pet.
*The answer : let

8. I can’t believe she …… you look at her vacation pictures again last night.
*The answer : make

9. Professor John …… his students use a dictionary while they were taking the test.
*The answer : let

10. Joko …… me drive his new motorcycle.
*The answer : let

11. How did you ….. the doctor to make a house call?
*The answer : get

12. My boss …… me get him coffee, pick up his dry cleaning, and buy present for his wife.
*The answer : make

13. I can’t believe the zoo keeper …… you feed the snake.
*The answer : let

14. Dr. Mike …… the nurse monitor the patient’s condition overnight.
*The answer : make

15. If you ask me nicely, I’ll …… you lick the bowl after I make the cookies.
*The answer : let

16. Sheila thinks television is a waste of time, so she won’t …… her children watch TV.
*The answer : let

17. I don’t know if my boss will …… me take the day off.
*The answer : let

18. Did somebody …… you wear that ugly dress?
*The answer : make

19. Dr. Diesel …… his nurse take the patient’s temperatur.
*The answer : had

20. How can parents …… their children to read more?
*The answer : get

Contoh Pertanyaan Causative Verb dan Jawaban

1. Did somebody ……. you wear that ugly hat?
Answer : make
2. John ……. me drive his new car.
Answer : let
3. My teacher ……. me apologize for what I had said.
Answer : made
4. Will your parents ……. you go to the party?
Answer : let
5. How can parents their children to read ……. more?
Answer : get
6. Did you …….. your computer fixed?
Answer : have
7. The teacher ………. the students stay after class.
Answer : made
8. I don’t know if my boss will ……… me take the day off.
Answer : let
9. She …….. her children do their homework.
Answer : made
10. Please ………. your secretary fax me the information.
Answer : have
11. I …….. my wallet stolen.
Answer : had
12. Yesterday I ……… my hair cut.
Answer : had
13. Andi …… mechanic to check my brakes.
Answer: get
14. Does your brother …… you go to the beach?
Answer: let
15. Dr. Sheila …… nurse taking patient’s temperature.
Answer: have
16. She ……. her window smashed.
Answer : had
17. The government TV commercials are trying to …….. people to stop smoking.
Answer : get
18. He ……. the car washed at the weekend.
Answer : had
19. Did you really ……. a very pleasant surprise?
Answer : have
20. Tomorrow they will ………. a test at school.
Answer : have

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